Ok so here's something I'm struggling with. Have a customer with Office 365 Business Premium. Each computer is setup to login with Azure AD (so they use their email to login). All have office apps, outlook setup and Teams. However Teams is limited in some functions they we'd like to simply map their team drives to drive letters. So here's the issue:

There are 3 seperate teams, so 3 maps In order to map, first you have to login to the sharepoint site in IE Then add to trusted sites Then map and it should work.

Because they are using Azure AD, there are no assigned workstations so I'm trying to figure out a way to automate this process so i dont have to do it for every user manually on every computer (and as they expand, this becomes unfeasable).

What i tried so far was: Add site to trusted list in GPO (it shows up in trusted sites in IE now) Startup batch file that first runs internet explorer and points to their sharepoint site (because of Azure AD< the login is automatic)m then waits 10 seconds, then runs the 3 seperate maps. However it errors everytime, saying I have to first login to the site and add to trusted sites, which has been done already.

Has anyone done anything like this at all? So frustrating that teams doesnt have some simple stuff like sending ANY file as an attachment in Outlook which is causing this need to map in the first place.

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