As I'm syncing calendars from/to O365/GSuite, I use a tool called gSyncit which works perfectly fine and lets run Outlook in background mode to do the sync. Normally I want Outlook new mail notifications, but when I've finally some free time, I don't want it anymore (but still syncing appointments as mentioned before).

I'm using Win10x64/Outlook 365 and to deactivate the banner/sounds there is an option in the system Windows control-panel/notifications sections: enter image description here

That works perfectly fine, but I search for a faster/smarter option to "toggle" (activate/deactivate) this option - like a script/batch file.

I've googled around but couldn't find a solution for this, so I'm hopping someone with more experience in this area could help me. Thanks in advance!


I'm afraid there is not a faster/smarter option for this. You may try to post a new thread to a forum related to scipt or vba.

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