Is there any free (as in beer, and if it's possible as in bird) tool to convert a dvd in the format DVC-PRO HD 1080 to a normal/standard dvd format so that I can play it on a normal DVD player?

I changed the wording a bit. We've a video in DVC-PRO HD 1080 but as far as I know it is a proprietary format. We'd like to create a standard dvd out of it. I'm not really in video encoding and dvd conversion. I thought I need to be more precise. VLC currently doesn't support DVC-PRO HD 1080.

  • more info on dvc-pro: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DV#DVCPRO_HD .. appears to be a professional format, descended from DV, somewhat along the lines of avc-hd, never made it in the consumer market. your chances of finding a free tool is slim-to-none. Nov 30, 2009 at 11:53

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Quick Media Converter is i have used for HD to DVD

You can find your best tools over here




I don't have any DVCPro HD footage to check, but VLC might be able to play and transcode the footage.


ffmpeg is the swiss army knife of AV conversion, but it is a command line tool. Avanti is a GUI frontend. If the standard ffmpeg build doesn't work, try ffmbc.


You should try at least once Freemake Video converter. It supports many formats and also has the ability to convert the audio.

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