I have an HP C4385 Photosmart printer on my home network. I also have HP Solution Center and the relevant HP printer drivers installed on my computer.

Whenever certain events happen on the printer (e.g. out of paper, cartridge alignment, cover open), a push notification appears on my computer. It looks something like this:

HP Photosmart C4380 series / Cover Open / Click here for more information

Is there a way to disable these notifications?

Edit: I tried following the instructions here: https://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c01841764

But when I went to the Device Settings for my printer, it just looks like this, and I can't find the settings for printer status notifications:

Device Settings > HP Photosmart C4380 series Device Settings > Installable Options

Also, I don't have seem to have any HP UPD item in my Devices and Printers page...

Devices and Printers


The answer from @John only applies to printers that support the SNMP protocol. That only exists on network-connected printers.

It may be possible to achieve what you want. Check through the installed software and see what kind of utilities are installed. There probably is some installed package like HP Solution Centre . In that case, you may be able to achieve it, by doing something like these instructions for the "HP Utility" for a different printer model.

HP really should do something about their bloatware. Your problem is caused by the fact that for your printer (and many of their low-cost printers) the only available driver is the "Full Feature Software and Driver". I have looked for a "printer-only" driver, which would avoid this problem, but have not been able to find one. And scanning could then be done with a simple TWAIN driver - if HP supplied one.


That is common to HP Printer and I suggest you follow this HP article for disabling the notifications


Relevant Quote from the article above:

Enabling or disabling SNP requires the following items:

Printer Automatic Configuration is enabled and functional. Printer Automatic Configuration can be disabled in HP UPD version v4.7 or later with a print policy with HP UPD or Active Directory Group Policy. See and Manage the HP UPD with Active Directory Group Policy for more information. SNP can also be disabled using the HP Driver Configuration Utility prior to installation. See Manage the SNP with the HP Driver Configuration Utility.

The product supports SNP functionality

The product is not a PCL3 product

Follow these steps to enable or disable SNP from the Device Settings tab:

  • Open the Devices and Printers folder, right-click the HP UPD, and then select Properties.
  • Click the Device Settings tab.
  • In the Installable Options section, set Printer Status Notification to either Enable or Disable.
  • Click OK.
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