I am trying to assign numerical values to a list of drop down values that are able to be selected via list data validation. I want to display the text, however be able to quantify my results with the corresponding numerical value.


Excel example

Business Value








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    There are several ways to do this (IF, INDEX/MATCH, VLOOKUP...) A bit more context and knowing what you tried and how it failed ot achieve the desired result may help us provide a better answer. – cybernetic.nomad Oct 7 at 20:25
  • Better you go with dependent Drop down method . – Rajesh S Oct 8 at 7:01
  • Sure. For example when I select 'Small' for business value, I want that to be captured as a 1 (integer) so that I can quantify my results in a formula. – Darryl Oct 8 at 13:40
  • THANK YOU! I figured it out with Match. – Darryl Oct 8 at 14:09

Lookups are arguably the most practical method but it sounds like you want to use Custom Number Formats because that is precisely what they do. There's a limit to the number of values you can assign this way so they may not be suitable for you. If you only have three values then it's a no brainier. This is one of the better write ups I've been able to find on them: https://www.exceltactics.com/definitive-guide-custom-number-formats-excel/

And if you want get creative, you can explore off the wall options like using a second line in a cell or creating a formula to convert your string to the desired value.

Really, your imagination is the only limit once you get your geek on..

  • Thank you. I figured it out. – Darryl Oct 8 at 14:10

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