How do I execute/run c files (in the bash script) after I compile them within a bash script?

For example I use:

for i in `ls *.c`
  gcc $i -o "${i%.c}"
  //execute compiled i.c file here
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Just execute the resultant executable in the normal way:


for i in *.c
  gcc -Wall -Wextra "$i" -o "${i%.c}"  &&  "./${i%.c}"

N.B. not parsing ls output, quoting arguments, improved compiler warnings, and using && to execute only if compilation succeeded.

  • Thanks for the help, I solved it by making a STR set to pwd, redefined str to append "/${i%.c}" to end of it so that ultimately it would execute each file from having the full path of the file – newbieBashdude Oct 9 at 19:31

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