An quirk of G Suite's email delegation feature is that

  • items sent by a delegate via the Gmail web app are stored in the delegator's "Sent Items" folder, but
  • items sent by a delegate via G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO) are stored in the delegate's Sent Items folder, where they can't be seen by the delegator.

This caused complaints from some users, but Google declined to change the behavior and documented it instead:

Can't see delegate's Sent Items: Messages sent on your behalf are available in the delegate's Sent Items folder but not yours. As a result, you won't see messages sent on your behalf until a reply appears in your inbox.

Are there any non-Google ways to move sent items to the delegator's Sent Items folder?

I thought I could set up a Rule in Outlook on "messages I send", but the "from" condition is only available for "messages I receive".

Exchange users have a similar issue that can be addressed with a registry value, but that fix doesn't apply to GSSMO.

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I wrote a small VSTO add-on that watches for items to be added to the user's main "Sent Items" folder. Once an item is added, it checks the "From" address and moves it to a different folder when appropriate.

I posted the source code to GitHub if anyone wants to try it out:


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