New to OVH on an unmanaged VPS after running similar for years on Atlantic.net.

OVH VPS SSD trying to setup a website. In my old VPS this took about 10 clicks and two minutes. I have been working on this here for over two hours and gotten no where.

In my control panel I go to Secondary DNS tab > Add a domain and it says: "First we need to verify you are the owner of this domain. To do so, please add a TXT field on your DNS zone for the domain example.com, with the subdomain 'ownercheck' and the following value: '81f64b4g'. Once done and your zone reloaded, try again (you don't need to wait for DNS propagation)."

There is no way to access their DNS zone...


Step 1: Create the DNS zone via the OVH Control Panel.

First of all, log in to the OVH Control Panel.[1] Click Order in the services bar on the left-hand side, then DNS zone.[2]

[1] I click this link and it takes me to page that offers a login at www.ovh but does not recognize my account which i notice is on ca.ovh. I ask for a password reset, and it says sent, but nothing ever comes to my email. I try to setup an account but it says my email is already taken.

[2] This does not exist on my Services Bar. There is no button called DNS Zone.

I go to the OVH support community here... https://community.ovh.com/en/ while logged into my control panel, and it asks for login again, which I cannot login to. "Error: Invalid Account ID or password" https://www.ovh.com/auth/?onsuccess=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ovh.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fsso%2Fdiscourse.cgi%2Fen%2Fen.html.......

  • The instructions talk about your DNS zone, not theirs. Which nameservers is your domain currently delegated to? (I.e. what nameservers are configured on the registrar's website.) Is it the same domain as you used previously with Atlantic, or did you buy a fresh one for OVH? Did you buy it from OVH, or from another registrar? – grawity Oct 10 at 4:48

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