How can I open FTP site and download a file in FileZilla with given link as follows


supposed credentials are ftp-pub and avilex I got invalid credentials response from FTP server

the question is not FileZilla specific. I would use any FTP client with right credentials extracted from the link.


The problem are not the credentials. FileZilla can accept credentials from an URL, if you paste the URL to the "Host" box on FileZilla toolbar.

The problem is that FileZilla cannot accept a file name in the URL. Only an initial path.

So if you paste the following URL:


FileZilla will connect to that server and navigate to the /Pub/schooldesk/.

But you will have to locate the file (schooldesk-20171025.iso) and initiate the download manually.

You will have to use another FTP client, if you need to do everything in one go.

There are some command-line clients that can accept file URL.

If you are looking for GUI client, there will be less options.

My WinSCP FTP client can accept full file URL on its command-line to initiate a GUI download:

winscp ftp://ftp-pub:avilex@ftp.avilex.ru/Pub/schooldesk/schooldesk-20171025.iso

enter image description here

  • yes, this does the trick! but for sake of security they make all files hidden for ordinar users. so i finished task with google chrome. – Yurij Oct 10 '19 at 15:46

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