Cloud providers or apps for notes often have off-line access mode, provided that the user changes the settings on files or folders that have to be available when the internet is not.

It is also a feature to get a shareable link about files or folders.

I am interested in the case when a file or a note is created in a folder with off-line settings at a time when the internet is not available.

Does a reliable permanent link is generated also in that situation, so that it can be safely shared for the others to be able to access it in the future?

  • I would have thought you could only share links to files that are in the cloud. When the offline computer resyncs - it will update the online copy of that file. If that file was shared before, it should be the updated version now being shared. (That's how I would expect it to work). – Smock Oct 10 '19 at 8:44

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