In which file (.dll, .exe or similar) are icons (such as the pen or the eraser ) stored? To be clear, I mean the new, modern icons - not the ones from earlier versions of windows.enter image description here

I didn't have any luck in finding them in either mspaint.exe, imageres.dll or shel32.dll (using IconsExtract), so I figured that maybe someone knows where they are.

A general solution for finding icons for any application would also be appreciated.

  • Which Operating System? – Moab Oct 13 at 12:32

In earlier Windows 10 versions, the resources are managed in MUI files in System32 folder. So, the MSPaint icons can be found in this:


From Windows 10 version 1903 aka. May 2019 Update, those resources are moved to MUN files in SystemResources folder. So, the MSPaint icons can be found in this:


The en-US is the default system language. It will vary if system language isdifferent. Open the file in any resource editing tool, for example Resource Hacker or it's alternatives to view the resources. The required icons are stored in image folder.


The easiest way is to extract those icons from that mspaint.exe.mun file with 7ZIP. Then rename every file with ICO extension.


  • Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was looking for. I have just one more question: How to extract those images without losing their transparency (cause currently they get extracted with a dark grey background)? – user1050646 Oct 13 at 12:05
  • @YanB. That's why I added the 7zip method. Use 7zip to extract the icon. – Biswapriyo Oct 13 at 12:15

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