I've got four gadgets on my Windows 7 desktop. I want them to dock against the edge of the screen, such that maximized windows don't cover them (the "Always On Top" option doesn't meet my needs).

Is there a setting or tool which will allow this?


mydigitallife has this info:

Workaround to Run Windows Vista Bar Style Sidebar in Windows 7

  1. Close all gadgets on desktop.

  2. Take ownership and grant full control permissions for Administrators user group of the following files located in C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder:


    And inside the en-US Folder:

  3. Rename to backup the 4 files listed above.

  4. Download Win7-Sidebar-Fix.zip.

  5. Extract and copy the contents of the ZIP file to their corresponding folders in C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder, overwrite and replace existing files if applicable.

  6. Re-add gadgets to desktop.

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