Here's what I do with PuTTY:

PuTTY settings, Connection > SSH > Tunnels:
source = 8000
destination =

And then after I ssh into ServerA (a unix jump server in this instance), I use the following command to log into ServerB:

$ ssh serverB -L 8000:

Then I run the source command for the Django virtual environment, then the following runserver command:

$ python manage.py runserver

And then I am able to access the website on my local machine via

How do I set up this kind of thing in MobaXterm? I can't figure it out; its Tunneling options are much more confusing, and everything I try fails to work.

  • Is used as an example here, or is it the literal address that you've used in PuTTY's configuration? – grawity Oct 14 at 14:51
  • That is the literal address. My PuTTY setup works perfectly fine. I'm just wondering how it is done in MobaXterm. The only examples are ServerA and ServerB. – Ness Oct 14 at 17:42

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