I am migrating a site to CentOS 7, Cpanel 82.0.16. To set up the site, I am wanting my public_html to be set up like so:

public_html -> 1sub.example.com -> 2sub.example.com -> example.com

Where the directory root of the main domain is set for ./public_html/example.com. In order to accomplish this, I have enacted the changes shared in this thread:


I have changed the documentroot line to "/home/USERNAME/public_html/example.com", as well as the cgi-bin line to the same.

However, after committing these changes, as well as rebuilding and restarting apache, the server is not redirecting browsers correctly. If there is an index file existent in ./public_html , it will load that file. If there is no file, it will show the error

No input file specified.

Thank you for any help you'll be able to give.

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