When Firefox loads a webpage, the bottom-left of the screen briefly displays connection information. For example:

Waiting for pubads.g.doubleclick.net Transferring data from insight.adsrvr.org… Performing a TLS handshake to bttrack.com…

I would like to be able to log these or otherwise intercept them for information purposes.

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  • Welcome. I don't think you can. You could try using the INSPECTOR while the page loads, but... – marikamitsos Oct 10 at 5:41
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Just press F12 to open Firefox' Developer Tools. Click on the Network ribbon to investigate all requests and responses of the current tab:

Screenshot of Firefox' Developer Tools

There is also an option to save the results as an HAR file for later:

Im-/Export results as HAR


That is the method, somehow I didn’t properly explore what was right in front of me.

It is a new day.

From a new Tab in Firefox, from the Menu Bar select: Tools Web Developer Network

At the bottom of your browser window, a split window appears. Select a website from your bookmarks bar. A lot of connections fill the table data area They cram a lot of stuff into this space.

At this point the question becomes, how do we save this table data into a database which affords us more flexibility in viewing and analyzing the information.

But that’s for another day.

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