I brought a new desktop along with an UPS. I plugged monitor power cord and CPU power cord both in UPS and UPS is not connected to any power supply. Then I have Started the UPS and my computer started running using UPS’s back up charge.

But when I touched the power supply cord of UPS it was giving electric shock.

Then I just unplugged the monitor power cord and CPU power cord, now UPS power cord is not giving any electric shock.

Is this usual behavior or something went wrong? Something went wrong in UPS or CPU or Monitor. Can any one please explain me what is going on.

Already I have to change the power supply for this desktop as it got damaged due to some unknown issue, so I don't want to face similar problem again. Kindly suggest and explain me on this.

enter image description here


At this point, you need to get the unit serviced if you are the least bit unsure (as noted above in the comments). I have my own UPS and my clients have them and we simply do not get electric shocks from them.

Good luck with your unit

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