I created curved text on a transparent image using TEXT ALONG PATH and PATH TO SELECTION. I filled the text with background color BLACK. The resulting image was curved black text. When I tried to copy and paste the curved black text it pastes translucent and appears to be selected but nothing can be done to it. I tried exporting the image as a .png (exported image worked wonderfully in Word and Powerpoint) and then opening it in Gimp to copy and paste onto another image but the exact thing happens. Even when I take the exported .png into another program and saving it as a .jpg, when opened in Gimp the text was translucent. Help!

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    Screenshot of the GIMP ui (image and Layers list)? Do you see the curved text in one of the layer thumbnails in the Layers list?
    – xenoid
    Oct 16, 2019 at 8:21

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I know it's an old post. I would have left a comment instead but I don't have enough points.

After copying and pasting, create a new layer so that what you pasted would be in a layer of it's own.

Simply copying and pasting would make a floating selection (I think that was what it was called. Can't remember the exact term).

I hope this helps someone.

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