How can we hide/not show this blue signing out screen when executing the shutdown.exe /l.

Use Case: I have an Azure App Launcher, that launcher has options to launch remote apps, and to close the session. So user opens a remote app and later clicks on close session to sign out of remote session. User see this annoying blue signing out screen.

I have tried the following for the close session:

shutdown.exe /l - current implementation, shows the blue screen

shutdown.exe /l /f - same behavior, shows the blue screen

'logoff.exe /n' - doesn't close any remote apps before logoff

'logoff.exe /f' - doesn't close any remote apps before logoff


If you just want to end the session, use the command:


You can also remotely execute the command

tsdiscon.exe /server:fqdn.foo.bar 42
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    And if you want the disconnected session to then be logged out, configure group policy to automatically end disconnected sessions after a short timeout period. – I say Reinstate Monica Oct 16 '19 at 22:41

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