I installed Haskell for the use of TidalCycles on Mac / 10.14.6 TidalCycles works fine, so Haskell should to work too. However, after entering 'ghci' in the terminal, the following message appears

-bash: ghci: command not found

Do I have to set a correct path (e.g. .bashrc)? And if so, where to?

Thanks for every help!


This depends on how you installed Haskell.

The recommended way to install Haskell on a Mac according to TidalCycles documentation is to install ghcup using this command:

curl https://get-ghcup.haskell.org -sSf | sh

If you install Haskell this way the install script will ask you to add a line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile that should take care of adding everything you need to your $PATH.

If you installed Haskell in a different way you can update the question to reflect that and I will update my answer.

If you want to fix things manually you can try if running this makes ghci available:

. "$HOME/.ghcup/env"

If that's the case you can make ghci available permanently by adding . $HOME/.ghcup/env to the appropriate dotfile (.bashrc or .bash_profle)

This blog post provides a more detailed tutorial on how to install Haskell and on how to make sure that all the executables are in your $PATH.

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