I am trying to backup my home folder to an external drive with the following command:

rsync -acu --delete --exclude-from='/home/chh1/rsync_exclude.txt' /home/ /media/chh1/f86f92f7-bcb4-4b8e-8a64-8a210606d422/home_backup/

The --exclude-from= file


contains the following entries:


I really want to exlude .cache but also .dconf which is contained within it as I want to exclude files that require root privileges and unnecessary .cache data contained in /home/chh1/.cache.

When I run

find ~ -name ".cache"

I get the following output:

find: ‘/home/chh1/.cache/dconf’: Permission denied

I really want to exclude


which would take care of dconf and general .cache junk as well. However, I do not want to exclude the other .cache directories found when running the find command.

since --exclude-from= only matches patterns with what is in the exclude file, how can I specify a path rather than a pattern and preferably within the exclude file? Is there a way?

Thanks for your help it is indeed much appreciated!


Your exclude list can have absolute names too, that match beneath the starting directory, /home/ in your case. Use the line


instead of .cache to only exclude /home/ /chh1/.cache, i.e. /home/chh1/.cache

  • Thanks meuh, that has solved the problem! – Christian Hick Oct 20 '19 at 2:44

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