I set up tmux in WSL and I want to improve the integration between them.

How to select text in tmux inside of WSL and copy it to the Windows clipboard?

  • open the file ~/.tmux.conf and create it if it does not exist
  • enable mouse mode by adding the line set -g mouse on (if not, you will have to select the text with Ctl+[)
  • create a key binding to copy the tmux buffer to the windows clipboard:

    bind -n M-w run -b "tmux show-buffer | clip.exe"

With this key configuration, you can select text with the mouse and copy it(to the tmux buffer) using Alt+w. (If you want to select something and don't want it to disappear, press shift while letting the mouse button go.) After this, press Alt+w again in order to copy the tmux buffer to the Windows clipboard.

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