I'm trying to import a csv file that I created myself out of a python script. I'm struggling with encoding. The csv file is encoded in utf-8 with unix style line endings. TI"m on a german macos machine. Now I'm trying to import the file via the data dialog of excel. All over the internet one can find that to solve this problem one has to choose 65001 utf-8 as file origin. Unfortunately my Excel 2011 copy does not offer that exact option. The closest to that option is Unicode 9.0 UTF-8. This option converts the file entry 1999-2000 to 1999__2000. So which format should I use to have the text displayed correctly? Another possibility is to change the encoding of the file on creation, which one should I choose?

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    Try hitting the evil at its root. Search the Internet for understanding which encoding your Python Dynamic Interpreted Programming Language is producing.
    – user1018743
    Oct 20, 2019 at 15:58


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