I'm designing a site in English and Arabic, using Google's Cairo font for both languages.

The font shows correctly in Chrome, and in Safari for other users but not for me. When I view the page in Safari it uses the default Arabic font.

Any ideas?

Here's the site:

  • it's really sketchy to provide an ip address in your question; if you seriously want to get this answered I recommend just screenshotting your view (and ideally someone else's) and posting the images. – mael' Oct 21 at 17:35
  • I wanted to post a screenshot but Stack Overflow wouldn't let me! Try this: dropbox.com/s/36y94jvmggv9p92/Sosafari-chrome.jpg?dl=0 – Steve Caplin Oct 22 at 19:01
  • there's an image button right in the editor that allows you to upload images to their imgur powered hosting service; and this isn't Stack Overflow. – mael' Oct 23 at 0:08

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