I need to convert HDMI output to a VGA monitor. I don't care about audio. I need just 1920x1080. I can use both a HDMI cable or a VGA cable, less than a meter distance. Do these passive converters work?

hdmi to vga cable

I read on the internet it needs to be powered. But at the same time I see that these things work:

hdmi to vga cable with box

Which are also not powered. So what makes them work? The bigger case? :P Do you think it's realistic the first one is not just a fraud?

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    If you aren't sure a device will fit your need look for a trusted store where they buy it back if it doesn't work as expected. We can't tell you from a random image whether a device is fraudulent. – Máté Juhász Oct 27 '19 at 6:30
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    Most of these cheap converters DO work, but as they often use "parasitic power" one could expect the power provider (the image source?) to be hampered or get a shorter life time. Additionally you might expect some level of image degradation, maybe not on a digital transformation though. The actual facts may differ from case to case. – Hannu Oct 27 '19 at 6:41

If you look at the HDMI pinout, HDMI (unlike DVI) only transfers digital signals. VGA needs analog signals.

The means there are no passive HDMI to VGA cables. All VGA to HDMI cables contain electronics, which implement a complete HDMI receiver and a VGA output, and need to be powered (from the HDMI power pins, you don't need ab extra power brick).

The "bigger case" is where the electronics are. Sometimes the electronics are small enough you don't notice them in the plugs.


Both the images you have listed are actually adapters. No they do not need to be powered, it will draw the required power from the HDMI Port. Also they both will work.

With both of these you will still need to use/buy an extra VGA Cable.

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