They are in conflict when I try to install them conveniently. How can I have both of them at the same time?


Create your own package which does not conflict.

  1. Use e.g. asp checkout gnu-netcat to download the build sources.
  2. Edit trunk/PKGBUILD to change the name to something that no longer matches the 'conflicts' parameter in openbsd-netcat. For example, pkgname=gnu-netcat-renamed.
  3. Edit the package() function to rename the actual files that will be installed. For example:

    mv "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/{netcat,gnu-netcat}
    mv "$pkgdir"/usr/share/man/man1/{netcat,gnu-netcat}.1.gz
    # 'nc' is a symlink to 'netcat' so it is not enough to merely rename it
    rm "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/nc
    ln -s gnu-netcat "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/gnu-nc
  4. Use makepkg -i to compile and install the new package.

You will only need to do this once, because gnu-netcat has not received any updates in the last 11 years and is unlikely that it ever will.

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