I have a TCL TV plugged into a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter which is plugged into my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. I can't get any sound.

I have tested the adapter and HDMI cable on other machines and they transmit sound without problem. It is not the TV; plugging it into the HDMI port transmits sound. It is only when plugged into any of the DisplayPorts on this card on this particular machine that I do not get any audio.

I am running version 441.08 of the NVIDIA GameReady Driver and version of the Realtek audio driver. When I reinstall the NVIDIA drivers I very briefly see my TCL as an available audio output, but it quickly disappears as the installation continues.

In the NVIDIA Control Panel, I see every output except for the DisplayPort I am plugged into. For example, if I plug into DisplayPort (1), then 2 and 3 show up. Right now I am plugged into the second one: NVIDIA audio configuration menu

These show up in my devices:

list of windows audio devices in device manager

And I am limited to these options when selecting an output device:

dropdown menu showing audio output devices

What can I do to get sound to play from any of my DisplayPorts?

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