So I have a video 3840x2160 resolution and I want to cut out a part of it. So I'd only have the upperleft 2184x1680 pixels. Can that be done in VLC?


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Non-Permanent Crop (VLC)

If you want a non-permanent crop, select Extended Settings in VLC (represented as an icon that looks like several option sliders):

VLC - Extended Settings - Screenshot

And switch to the Video Effects tab, then the Crop sub-tab. Set your preferences accordingly:

VLC - Video Crop Sub-tab - Screenshot

If my math isn't off, you will want 1656 for the Right option and 480 for the Bottom option.

Permanent Crop (ffmpeg)

If you want a more permanent solution, you should consider use a program a such as ffmpeg (Windows builds are available here). You can then potentially use the crop filter like so:

ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -filter:v "crop=2184:1680:0:0" out.mp4

In this case, 2184 and 1680 represent (respectively) the desired width and height of the output video , while 0:0 tells ffmpeg to start from the upper left corner.


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