I have a Toshiba Satellite S75 laptop. The laptop was fine until a week or so ago. Initially, there was a blinking orange light a few days before that only happened once. I am not sure if that's a factor.

The issue is that the laptop won't charge at all even though its plugged in and indicates as such. In addition, each day I turn on the laptop, it loses some battery life like ~3-5%, even though it doesn't drain any life while its on. Occasionally it would not drain if I plug in charger for a while before I turn it on, but only not drain once or twice from when I tried it.

I was wondering if its a battery issue. I bought a new charger, but doesn't seem to have solved the problem at all.

I was wondering if it's a battery failure, motherboard failure,or just out of date bios (2014).

If its bios then I tried, but I don't have enough battery to update it because the lowest is 20% and I am at 6% at the moment.


Seeing how you mentioned that the battery is six (!!) years old in the comments, this is most likely a case of the battery dying from old age. Consider replacing the battery with a new unit.

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