I'm getting started with vim for markdown.

* Level 1 text
* On pressing enter it comes here
*     On pressing tab it comes here

What I want is, I want to modify (increase or decrease) the level of bullet point using keys. (In other text editors, Tab increases the intent level and Shift+Tab decreases it)

* Level 1 bullet. On pressing Enter,
* It comes here. On pressing Enter and then Tab,
    * I want it to come here. To go to the previous level, on pressing Enter and then Enter/Shift+Tab,
* I want it to come here.

This was the behaviour in VS Code.

Upon searching I added set ai and filetype indent on to my empty .vimrc (Just installed Vundle as in the instructions) but I was not successful.

How can I get this work done?

Possible duplicate: How can I indent multiple lines, and indent "backwards", in gvim?


Vim has a different philosophy.

In normal mode, press >> to add indentation and << to remove. To do this for multiple lines, enter visual mode with v and select the lines, then press >> or <<.

In insert mode, you can press ctrl-d to remove indentation.

set ai doesn't work here because vim can't guess what indentation you want in markdown in comparison to code.


After some research, I found out this Vim plugin which does the expected behaviour for markdown files.

Here is a link to the same: gabrielelana

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