I’m testing a remote computer having an access to our server, some of the tests require to cut the internet in order to see a specific behavior for our tests.

I’m using TeamViewer for this tests, I can disconnect the internet using TeamViewer, but i can't reconnect (TeamViewer connection will be lost).

how can I use TeamViewer to cut the internet 1 min and automatically the remote computer reconnect it self (If there a command for that?) ?

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You can automate this process using a batch file with the following code:

netsh interface set interface ethernet disable
timeout 60
netsh interface set interface ethernet enable
  • Change both instances of ethernet to match the name of the network adapter you wish to temporarily disable. You can find this name by running ncpa.cpl.
  • The batch file must be run as administrator each time you use it in order for the netsh command to work.
  • Fortunately, you can bypass the need to manually choose Run as Administrator each time you use your batch file by creating a shortcut to the batch file, then enabling the shortcut's Run as Administrator option. You can then run the shortcut normally and it will automatically run the batch file as administrator each time.

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    Thanks !!!.....
    – Yaka GgFa
    Nov 6, 2019 at 8:11

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