How would you create a custom shortcut key combination using the windows logo key?

For example, a non-declared windows combination like ⊞ Win + C

For brevity; I'm looking for an answer that works, so if it requires things like altering registry keys I'm ok with that. I'm looking for an answer that does not use 3rd parties like AutoHotKey (although it wouldn't hurt to provide an answer using those for people that don't care and find it useful.)

I'm personally looking for a native solution or something I can change/add with default OS. Thanks

Wins 10 Home Edition

  • Win + C is Open Cortana in listening mode. – K7AAY Nov 6 '19 at 23:56
  • Oh neat. Thanks. I was just using that as an example – soulshined Nov 7 '19 at 1:56

It is not possible without 3rd party programs. Windows has reserved the ⊞ Win key for its own use and you need a program like AutoHotHey to intercept the keyboard press.

Windows will let you create custom shortcuts to files or folders in their shortcut properties dialog using ctrl+alt or ctrl+shift and a key of your choice. However, the ⊞ Win is not an option.

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