I have a Hyper-V VM on my local machine. The VM disk has expanded so that I no longer have any disk space on my local machine. Due to the lack of disk space the latest merge is failing. This means that I cannot edit the VM drive to compact it because checkpoints exist for this drive. How can I regain disk space on my local machine? The only thing I can think of is to copy the VM to an external drive, work on it there and then copy it back.


Surprisingly (to me at least) I was able to use {{DISKPART}} to compact the disk image without completing the merge.

  1. Run diskpart
  2. Select the disk via its path: select vdisk file="<path>"
  3. Attach it as read-only: attach vdisk readonly
  4. Compact it: compact vdisk
  5. Upon completion of the compact, detach it again: detach vdisk

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