My first use case would be to change the domain of a URL without changing the rest of the parameters using Requestly.

Specifically change from




Yes, You can change the domain (or in loose terms any part of the URL like host, params, path or infact any substring of URL) using Requestly Replace Rule.

There are two ways using which you can achieve this use case.

Example 1

Replace web.whatsapp.com With api.whatsapp.com URL Contains

Replace Rule Example

Note - This rule will just replace web.whatsapp.com with api.whatsapp.com irrespective of where web.whatsapp.com comes in URL.

So if your URL is, https://example.com?utm_source=web.whatsapp.com the rule will do the replacement as well.

Example 2

Replace web.whatsapp.com With api.whatsapp.com

Host Contains web.whatsapp.com

Replace Rule Example 2

Note - Setting up a rule like this gives applies more control over when the rule should be applied. It will only replace web.whatsapp.com with api.whatsapp.com when web.whatsapp.com comes in the host.

Here's official documentation of Replace Rule - https://www.requestly.in/blog/2018/06/16/replace-rule-documentation/

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