I'm trying to set up a Windows 7 virtual machine using VirtualBox, but it's not working. I made sure I had PAE enabled, and that did make a difference. It went from an error screen saying I didn't have PAE to a stretched Windows logo that hangs forever. This also happens when trying to run a Linux Cinnamon (not sure if it's 2x, 3x, or 4x) virtual machine, but there was no difference between enabling/disabling PAE (just a black screen). Can somebody please help? EDIT: I forgot to include the host OS! The host is a 64-bit Windows 10. Also, the VirtualBox version I'm using is 6.0.14.

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    What is the version of VirtualBox? and what is the Host OS? Install or upgrade to latest version. Install Extension packs. Use SATA Virtual Controller. Ensure that Virtualization is Enabled in the BIOS Settings on the Host machine. Alternate other settings related to CPU/GPU/Acceleration/ etc and retry. If nothing works Switch to VMWare Player! – rajeev Nov 9 at 2:04

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