I would like to add some “smartness” to my cell phone number using an IVR.

• If the caller is NOT one of my contacts, I want the system to say “If this is a personal call, press 1 now. If this is a business call, press 2.”

• If the caller IS one of my contacts, I want the call to be routed based on the way that contact is labeled. And allow the caller to press 9 to signal an emergency. Which will override silent mode (if enabled) and force the ringer to maximum volume.

• Enable call recording after playing the “This call may be recorded” message for specific labeled contacts.

I’m thinking to accomplish this, I can maybe use Asterisk on a server and something like Tasker on the phone and make them communicate with each other somehow? Or is there a better way to go about this?

I’m pretty new to this area, but I want to learn!

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