I've went through some trial and error in attempting to make this work. I am new to this kind of matter, and am doing a "lab" attempt of this, and if I have success I plan to instead of using VM's, to use physical machines. I have gotten to a point where I have setup a properly functioning Windows Server VM with AD and DNS working properly, I've pinged a host on top of my dns server in its Forward Lookup Zone (dns server ip:, the host I'm referring to:, with a name of "my.customrig.com") in the VM, and on a whole other machine, with the ip and the name (my.customrig.com) both properly returning a ping as it should. The ESXI which I have in another VM also pings properly. I've setup another VM with another instance of Windows Server, and attempted to install vCenter through the VCSA iso (6.7). I've gotten to point, other than having a properly functioning and ping-able dns server setup with a proper host and ip and name, where I am trying my best to give this the best chances for success. Which includes doing these things of completely vanilla setups of ESXI and Windows Server.

No matter what I try, the installer gets stuck at 80%. I did it with fresh installs due to someone online mentioning updating from 6.5 to 6.7 having the same issue, as well as that point giving me the impression that if I had a previous unsuccessful install it may also create issues, even in the Windows Server VM I had feared this may be the case, so I did that all vanilla. I verified that I have a properly functioning DNS and ip host with a name, I entered all the information properly, but nothing I try gets it to work properly.

If anyone can help me make this work somehow, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks a lot in advance.

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