The "Preview Window", if that's what it's called, has been blacked out in the image because it doesn't contain any useful info.

DaVinci Resolve (not loading)(?) .mp4 video fully, any idea why, and how to fix that?

My situation:

I recorded a .mp4 video via OBS studio (a free screen recording software) (at 720p); and it plays fine (fully) via Windows Movies and TV App (video viewing software by Microsoft).

Though, when I import the video into DaVinci Resolve (version: and add it to the timeline, it shows up as about 9 minutes shorter than it should be (01:03:00:20 instead of 01:12:20:00). Actually, the screenshot below shows that maybe the problem is 2 layered, the video in the timeline looks to be just over 3 min long (In the duration field, in the front window).


And here is a screenshot of About DaVinci Resolve window (DaVinci Resolve (top left corner) > About DaVinci Resolve (to verify the version of the program):


I have tried stretching and changing the duration of the video, but nothing changes.

I'm not sure how to check whether the video on the left (what got imported), in the screenshot below (in what I think is called the Media Pool (upper left rectangular area with 2 rectangles, that are the thumbnails for the videos), is any different from the video on the right (what's in the timeline), if that matters.


The Blackmagic Forum discussion (see image below) assumes that the maximum length of a video is at least a few hrs long (or maybe even 24 hrs long) (ref. posts 2 & 3).

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