On Ubuntu 18.04, I am configuring a bond of 2 interfaces and using 2 interfaces of another NIC. Here is my netplan entry:

version: 2
renderer: networkd
        dhcp4: yes
        dhcp4: yes
        dhcp4: no
        dhcp4: no
      interfaces: [enp129s0f0, enp129s0f1]
      dhcp4: yes
        mode: 802.3ad
        lacp-rate: fast
        primary: enp129s0f0
        mii-monitor-interval: 100

The issue I am having is that when using networkd as the renderer, the connections work fine, but I can not find a way to enable screen sharing for use with VNC. The Gnome Control Center settings for screen sharing and networking are not active when using networkd instead of NetworkManager. I attempted to find settings to do this manually and found this Vino setting:

gsettings set org.gnome.Vino network-interface 'bond0'
gconftool-2 --set --type=bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/enabled true

but VNC still won't connect. Are there other relevant settings to change?

When I just change networkd to NetworkManager in the configuration above, the bond doesn't work, though I can enable Screen Sharing for the other interface. When I just use 2 network connections with no bonding, then screen sharing won't work after reboot.

Is there a solution or better way to accomplish this?

  • Are you trying to enable the screen-sharing option in GNOME Control Center? – grawity Nov 9 at 8:06
  • With the networkd as the renderer, the option to do this in control center is not available. But the 2 options describe when using NetworkManager as the renderer were attempted with Gnome Control Center, but bonding was not working and even when 2 interfaces without bonding were being used, sharing wasn't possible after reboot. – Rick Nov 9 at 8:20

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