i have a peculiar problem..i was downloading a torrent last night and then suddenly i lost the connection and now my desktop computer through which i was downloading is not connecting with my router at all. i have reinstalled windows 10, resetted my (router+modem) still the problem persists...initially i thought that my lan card has failed but my desktop's lan card is connecting well with my mobile hotspot and also all the devices in my home are working fine with my router...its just that only my desktop computer is not connecting with my router..says "can't connect to this network'.... has my isp blocked my desktop computer through mac address filtering at their end or is it a malware ( but i have reinstalled windows completely)..please help i dont understand whats going on...i have tried all ipconfig commands and driver updates as well... my desktop specifications are: os: windows 10 wifi card:tp link ac 1300 dual band router:iball-WRA300N3GT

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