Every online guide for clearing the PowerShell says to use the command clear, but what if I have a process currently running? On Mac OSX, I can use Cmd+K to clear the console at any point. Is there an equivalent command on Windows. For reference, I need this often when I am running a server and I want to trigger a client-side event and see what the server outputs from only that event.

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  • CTRL + L clears the window but you need to try if it fits your needs (probably not!) because when PowerShell is running a command, it won't respond to anything else that runs in the foreground – SimonS Nov 11 '19 at 7:12

There are two commands you can use namely cls or clear

Clear the output by typing and executing either one of the above mentioned commands in PowerShell Examples: cls or clear


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  • I don't think this works while a command is currently running – woojoo666 Feb 28 at 23:28

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