#SingleInstance ignore
    Time := A_TickCount
    KeyWait, LButton
    If ((A_TickCount-Time) < 300)

i am trying to make autohotkey when enabled [via eventghost] let me select multiple points in onenote by selecting the word in just one mouse click on each rather than 2 , but i couldn't make it work with ctrl key pressed down to select multiple points at a time. the above code also i found online to make a single click registered as double click.

  • What do you mean by 'select multiple points'? Click on multiple words in the same sentence? (not allowable). Shade full sentences using the cross icon that appears? (doesn't need double-click to do this). Something else? Does OneNote allow you to do what you're trying to do if you do it manually? – JJohnston2 Nov 15 at 19:46

This worked for me:


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