I've got Manjaro(Arch) at running minecraft open to LAN connections and an excited 7 year old wanting to play with his dad. My old as dirt laptop finally died and I've replaced it with a PureOS laptop because I believe in free software. But that belief crumples when it comes to playing with my kid (and he thinks the textures in MineTest look off. Tsk).

Having a prior horrific experience with getting minecraft to run with free drivers, I'm running ubuntu with the jre in a virtual box (gnome boxes). Minecraft runs slow, and there's a silly workaround with the mouse, but whatever, it's fine.

But I can't get the virtual ubuntu box to ping the arch box on the LAN. I thought this part would be easy. Looking around, I believe I need a bridged network interface.

I can run virsh edit Ubuntu and set the network interface to bridge and use the virbr0 interface, ala this guys advice. But that just causes the VM to not launch. Maybe "bridging isn't set up". I'm pretty sure I can do the same thing via virt-manager and setting the network source from "Usermode" to "specify shared device name" an putting in "virbr0" for the bridge name. Same results.

...how do I set up a gnome boxes VM to use a bridged network interface? and/or how do I set up a bridged network interface?

I'm trying to use virt-manager to do that. There's the whole user-session vs system-session thing I'm not clear on. It failed to launch running it with sudo, although it asks for permissions on startup otherwise.

(Adding the specific source of that error: Virt-manager (with the user session selected, which has the VM running) -> Edit -> Connection Details -> Add Network. The gui wizard has a bunch of options I'm leaving as default. If there's a command-line means of doing this with better error reporting, I'm all ears.)

I keep getting libvirt.libvirtError: error creating bridge interface virbr1: Operation not permitted trying to make a virtual network that isn't NAT forwarded like virbr0 in the system-session.

What am I doing wrong here? I'm also open to any simpler solution here. Really, I feel like I'm letting down my kid. Feels bad.

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    How can we tell you what is wrong if you haven’t provided the commands you are running? An error without cause is pretty useless. – Appleoddity Nov 18 '19 at 2:19
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    thanks, and duly noted. I've added the steps I'm taking to throw the error in virt-manager. – Philip Nov 18 '19 at 4:12
  • Start by reading: How do I ask a good question? – herrbischoff Nov 18 '19 at 11:16

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