I have a Lenovo Ideapad laptop. Dual boot Linux and Windows. Whenever I try to play games on Linux or Windows (game or OS does not matter), it's shuts down immediately. On power plugged battery. But PC doesn't shut down when battery not plugged in.

What have I tried:

  • Ran official Lenovo hardware tests in Lenovo Support Manager program.

PC shutdown when GPU stress test. PC shutdown when testing RAMs with MemTest86. No shutdown during RAM stress test.

  • Checked CPU's and GPU's temperatures and they are normal. They can't go up to 65 degree.
  • Tried to lower clock frequency for GPU in MSI Afterburner program (when game starts, GPU starting overclock. I reduced frequency down to 870MHz. Overclock frequency is 1000MHz showing. In internet, peoples say -7MHz should be enough.).
  • Replaced the CPU's and GPU's thermal pastes. (Two times) And no paste overflow over peripheral resistors or others.
  • Cleaned fans.
  • Reseted BIOS battery.
  • In Windows, updated NVIDIA GTX950M drivers. Sometimes, game stucks, after 2 minutes game suddenly closes but PC doesn't shut down. And GPU drivers are broken. Can't reinstall driver until reboot. Or can't use the external GPU.
  • Reinstalled games.
  • Defragmented HDD (games are installed in HDD).
  • Installed games to SSD. Problem still occurs.
  • Linux says battery percentage is %82. After saw that removed battery and tried with only power adapter. Shuts down again.
  • Changed RAM slots with each other. (16GB => 8+8 => 2133Mhz)

I have a antivirus program on Windows. Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 Official Licenced. Scanned all disks and no sign for viruses.

Games I tried to play:

  • Origin - Battlefield 3 (Windows)
  • Steam - CS:GO (Linux and Windows)
  • Steam - Europa Universalis (Linux)

HDD, battery and charger working properly. I can use PC how long I want without using GPU while charger plugged in. Battery can usable without charger up to 2 hours. I think it means battery works fine. But there is a mark for the charger while plugged in. When game starts, sometimes battery indicator LED flashing for 2 times. After making this 3 or 4 times PC is shuts down.

How can I fix this? Best regards.

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