I have a Windows Server 2019 (VM on a Windows Server 2012 Machine) on which I have attached a physical disk from an HP Storage. I then installed DPM 2019 on it and configured the Storage Pool required by the DPM using that disk.

All went smooth.

Then I needed to reboot the Host. So I shut down my 2019VM, then reboot the Host. When the host booted, the Hard Disk was missing from my VM. I tried re-attaching it, but the disk is no longer listed there.

I saw the message underneath "If the physical hard disk you want to use is not listed, make sure that the disk in offline...."

So I check the disk, and sure enough, it is online. So I try to turn it offline from the Computer Management MMC but it does not work. No error message or anything, the screen just "flashes" and the disk is back online. I also tried using diskpart > No error message, diskpart says the disk is now offline, but when I use the list disk command, its back online :)

Any suggestions?

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