Where can I see the network up/down speed for each tab in Google Chrome on Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate?

The Resource Monitor doesn't distinguish between tabs:

enter image description here

The Google Chrome's Task Manager doesn't distinguish between up (send) and down (receiving):

enter image description here

I can use the PIDs displayed in the Google Chrome's Task Manager, and then look at the Network Activity in Windows's Resource Monitor:

enter image description here

Is there any more convenient way? I.e., I would prefer to be Network Activity to display the tab name instead of the PID.

  • The only way this could work is as a Chrome Extension as you'd have to measure the up/download speed for each tab within the browser.
    – K7AAY
    Nov 21, 2019 at 23:16
  • You can use DU Meter (dumeter.com) to measure overall network traffic and by process as well, but not by tab.
    – John
    Nov 22, 2019 at 1:36

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A search of Chrome's Extensions did not reveal any extension which would track the up/down speed of each process by the tab it's tied to, much less show ihat speed. However, if your concern is to find what's slowing you down, here's an article which offers a method to find what's slowing your PC down.

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