In my HP laptop, near the F1 button, there is a moon icon. When I click Fn+F1, the laptop immediately goes into hibernation. This is very convenient to me.

In my Dell XPS laptop (with Windows 10) there is no moon icon, so I thought there was no way to hibernate it from the keyboard. Of course I can use the Windows start menu, but it less convenient. Another option is to remap the power button to hibernate, but this has the drawback that I do not have a power button (for example, in case I need to do hard reset).

Is there any way I can put my Dell laptop to hibernation with a single key combination, without losing the functionality of other keys?


After a long search, I finally found the secret key combination that works: it is Fn+Insert. Although there is no moon icon near the Insert button, clicking Fn+Insert immediately puts my Dell XPS Windows laptop in hibernation. No key-remapping is required.

I write it here in order to help other Dell users who have the same issue.

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