I have the problem, that my RAM is locked by Driver Locked, according to RamMap. This is a known "feature" from something called hypervisor.

This should work perfectly, but obviously my Firefox constantly crashes, because there is not enough RAM. Although all online ressources say, that this hypervisor should allocate RAM back to the Host OS, whenever there is not enough available.

I have 32GB and 21GB are blocked by Driver Locked.

Using the Windows Assessment Console to make a memory footprint (as suggested in an online article) does not work, only works for Windows 8 and above.

This is a home PC with 3 virtual machines in VMware Player 12. I set the RAM from all VM to 4MB, still no change. I would not like to delete those VM.

I think the most precious hint is, that i installed a new graphics card and this problem occurs since then. This might be a problem with some generic video driver, as also suggested by an online site, but i deinstalled and installed the graphics driver already 3 times.

I have no clue where do i turn this off or what is wrong?

RamMap Snapshot

Windows 7 Professional, 32GB RAM, Core i7 CPU.

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