I currently have a Linux based CCTV system, that records CCTV and uploads them to my Google Drive. This has worked fine for a few years now, however I have decided that they should be encrypted.

This is where it gets tricky. As things stand the files are copied to Google Drive with rclone, on a regular basis, and if I feel I need to check on something, I can do this from anywhere just by looking on my Gdrive, and streaming a couple of videos, all good.

However if I encrypt the videos I'm obviously going to lose the ability to stream from Gdrive, so can anyone suggest a method of encryption, that will allow the videos to be played on any other Linux device that has the key, and allow me to skip forward\backward without having to download the entire video file which can be several GB etc?

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  • It may be worth splitting the files into small 10 minute chunks, encrypting, and then downloading only the video timescale you need (if you knew in advance) and decrypt it there. AFAIK there is no way to decrypt video on the fly from cloud storage (unless you were trusting the cloud's encryption scheme, and if you were, I doubt you'd be encrypting yourself to begin with). You could also consider setting up a media server at home, and remoting in securely (SSH tunnel/VPN) and viewing it like that? If you have a lot of storage then the server might also help keep data backed up/redundant – QuickishFM Dec 1 at 18:44

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