I am fairly new to Linux. I have installed CentOs 8, and have configured the system to access the network and internet, by putting in the proxy in the network settings configuration in CentOs GUI, which is a .pac file. I also have a couple of proxies which I can, and do use with export terminal commands.

Network and internet access works fine, I am able to ping the machine, Firefox is able to connect to the internet etc.

For some reason though, my administrator user, is unable to use curl or access any repositories using yun or dnf. I have checked and set correct proxies but to no avail. Weirdly enough, the same settings work for my root user.

I have restarted the network manager several times, restarted my machine, set the proxies in /etc/environment', nothing seems to work. Standard applications liketeamviewerorapplication store` also do not work.

It is perplexing because I used exactly the same settings on another CentOs 8 system a couple of days ago, and that works fine with any user.

root user works fine though, I have added the current user in the sudoers file, but that does not resolve the issue either.

The terminal prompt only says USERNAME@localhost, whereas on the other machine where I had set up things correctly, it used to say USERNAME@localhost.localdomain, so perhaps it is a DNS issue, though I haven't done anything differently here.

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