One of our workers has a Surfacebook 2, on Windows Version 1903, Build 18362

He's using the face recognition and the PIN feature of Windows Hello to sign in to his Computer.

He's also using Outlook to connect to Exchange Online.

Sometimes none of the things I described above work. He can't use Windows Hello to sign in to his computer (password still works) and he can't connect to Exchange Online through outlook, because his User can't get authenticated.

Whenever this is the case, the TPM Chip of his surface has problems. It can't be used.

A simple reboot of the system always repairs the TPM chip and everything works again.

Another one of our workers has the exact same Surface, with the exact same problem.

Here's a picture of the settings > Device Security page whenever the TPM Chip doesn't work. It says (translated from german):

The standard hardware security is not supported.

enter image description here

Here's a picture of the same settings page, after i rebooted his computer, when the TPM chip works (as you can see the TPM chip is mentioned here):


The Security Chip (The Trusted Platform module) protects your device through additional encoding

enter image description here

Has anyone got the same problem and found a solution to why the TPM Chip sometimes doesn't work?

All Windows Updates are up to date, there is no error in device manager and the firmware of the TPM Module is also up to date.

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    I cannot read german. So the screenshots are less than helpful. – Ramhound Dec 3 '19 at 14:43
  • @SimonS - There are two messages, you have translated one only one of those messages, the other message has not been translated. – Ramhound Dec 3 '19 at 15:46

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